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  • princess tiana:  raises money on her own and starts her own business as a black woman in the fucking 20s
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  • princess anna:  kinda saves her sister after getting played off as the silly quirky girl the entire movie


I keep hoping that one day, someone will make a Hogwarts RPG where you can make your own character, go to lessons to level up, learn magic, roam the castle, do quests, etc.


I keep hoping that one day, someone will make a Hogwarts RPG where you can make your own character, go to lessons to level up, learn magic, roam the castle, do quests, etc.


this may come as sad news for some of you but Outer Space is Gay. all of it


Dude check out this shark


Dude check out this shark





"come sit with us," star trek fans say to their star wars brethren, whilst we all gather for warmth around the flaming pile of shit that is the star wars vii casting.

if anything can bring trek and wars fans together, it’s the absolute messes that are the new generation of movies

It’s almost like everyone hates what JJ Abrams does to beloved franchises. I mean com’on, did you see Mission Impossible 3?

"There’s only one female in the new cast!!" Star Wars fans cry out in disbelief and anguish. Slowly the Star Trek fans turn around, their faces ashen…haunted..

"We know", they chant together in perfect harmony. "We know..”

They take the Star Wars fans in a tight embrace, whose forms are wracked with hiccuping sobs. The Star Trek fans shush them, and softly start to hum the Original Series theme song. 

They huddle together for warmth, and wait for the lens flares to descend. 


share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world

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i would give my left kidney for asexual taystee jefferson.

she’s an extrovert who cares more about her family in all its forms than she is in dating.

none of her flashbacks or current prison drama revolve around fucking.

when poussey kisses her she says she’s “not like that” but cuddling is fine and she obviously enjoys that - why is everyone assuming she means she’s straight?

when she yells at p in the library she never says the issue is that she liked her, it’s that she liked her “like that” and “wanted her to take off her clothes and shit” - those are not the words of someone uncomfortable with a lesbian. those are the words of someone uncomfortable with sex.

she jokes about sex but it’s /always/ a joke. “a nubian king with a nubian thing”? come on. she uses it like a punchline. she uses it like an ace.

can you imagine? if any show were to have some ace representation, i could see it being orange is the new black. and can you imagine it being TAYSTEE? the fan favorite, loud and happy and dancing - sings like an angel, stings like a bee - can you imagine? taystee saying, “no, i’m asexual. not like a fucking plant, like a person. i just don’t like it.” can you IMAGINE? allosexual people being forced to see an ace character who wasn’t a novelty or a joke or treated like it was a disorder? can you imagine allosexual people actually /hearing/ the word asexual on one of the most popular tv shows that exists right now? can you even imagine?


Star Trek: Insurrection Enterprise E beauty shots

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What's your favourite flavour? Of like anything.

hmmm i am not really sure i have been thinking about for a couple of minutes and the only thing i can think of is this pizza from zizzis and that has chicken and chillis and that spicy beef thing


I like how before Carlos got actual lines everyone thought he was this super serious, dignified kind of scientist. Now we know he’s more of a “it’s science if you write it down” Mythbusters kind of scientist with high-tech umbrellas and a danger-meter.

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